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Specializing in both human and veterinary custom compounded products.


Why Choose J Kohll RX Compounding

Stringent quality control measures have enabled us to become the most trusted compounding pharmacy:

For Medical Professionals

To prescribe or place an order, use the above fax number 24 hours a day or call during normal business hours

For Patients

To refill your compounded prescription please call during normal business hours.

Please call in 1 week in advance for refills and allow a minimum of 2 business days to prepare custom compounded products.

For orders placed after 1PM Monday through Friday and needed the same day there is an added $300 emergency compounding fee. (exceptions may be made by management for stock compounded products).

Compounded RX can be mailed within Nebraska or picked up.

About Us

With over 30 years of compounding experience J Kohll RX is committed to serving both the human health and veterinary compounding markets. Our most common human compounded products are prescribed for urology, dermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, and endocrinology concerns.

Our veterinary experience includes dogs, cats, amphibians, elephants, horses, hippos and other zoo animals. If you need a custom compounded pharmaceutical J Kohll RX is here to serve you.

With a vast list of active pharmaceutical ingredients from FDA-registered suppliers, our team of compounding pharmacists can research and develop your custom preparation.

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